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At MyKey Technology Inc. we develop, produce and market computer forensics and corporate information security hardware and software. We use cutting-edge patent and patent-pending technology in our products. We make serious tools for serious people. With the release of our latest product, Plug 'n Safe™, we also make tools for everyone.

New Hardware!  Introducing Plug 'n Safe™, protection against Juice Jacking and other USB Woes

Plug 'n Safe™ Cable

Plug 'n Safe is a  USB Extension cable that protects your USB device from Malware and would be data thieves.

Don’t get Juice Jacked! If you didn't know, Juice Jacking is when you innocently plug in your mobile device to a public charger, and instead of just getting a charge, your device's data is stolen. Sound far fetched?  Have you ever tried to charge through a USB port in an airport? Do you really know where you are getting your power? When you need to charge away from your desk, do you know what’s behind the USB port? You really think that is safe? Could there be a computer behind the charging port trying to steal your personal data?

Plug ‘n Safe is a must have charging extension cable that provides protection for your portable electronics.  Your friend’s laptop might seem safe, but you know your friends browse around to questionable sites. So how can you avoid “Juice Jacking?” Simple. Connect Plug ‘n Safe between a USB port and your regular charging or Sync cable.

For Apple users, Plug ‘n Safe allows for device charging while playing. No Syncing allowed! Not only does Plug 'n Safe protect your device from prying eyes, it prevents the App Store from launching and interrupting your device. None of the awkwardness trying to explain to the App Store that you are just visiting.

Visit the Plug 'n Safe page for ordering or more information.